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We are pleased to offer a wide variety of crystals, crystal jewelry, healing candles, and other metaphysical tools that will aid you in your journey for self-healing. We also offer a variety of naturopathic healing services, which you can learn more about by calling or visiting us in store.

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Aura Photography, Aura Imaging & Aura Readings

What is aura photography? Just watch this quick video to learn more about aura imaging and how it works.


Crystal Meditation & Crystal Healing Room


Reiki Healing


Reiki (Ray-Key)

Works to promote healing on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki energy is not an earth-bound energy. It is said to be from the “ ethers” or heavens. It is the same energy that keeps the planets in alignment and it’s the intelligent energy that keeps all systems in our bodies miraculously functioning. It’s the energy that brings the change of seasons. This energy has also been known as Chi to the Chinese and Prana to the Hindu’s.

Reiki is an energy and a healing system that was developed in Japan in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui channeled the ancient energy force and empowering symbols after deep study and Buddhist meditation that allowed him to unlock ancient Tibetan practices that date back thousands of years. Reiki in itself means energy. Taking the two Japanese kanji characters that make up the word, Rei and Ki, Rei translates into universal spiritual wisdom and Ki means life force energy. It is God-consciousness called Rei that guides the Ki energy in the practice called Reiki.

Reiki has its own special “knowingness” and once inside the person it seeks out and works on the cause of the problem. The results are profound yet subtle- sometimes a release of the symptom then or within a few hours, a release of other problems, and almost always a feeling of peace and a good night’s sleep. Its full power is unleashed when Reiki is practiced with hands several inches above the body. In this manner, the Reiki wave flow itself, corrects the energy field around the person as well as inside them, deepening the healing.