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We offer a wide variety of crystals for every kind of healing and meditation practice.

With crystal jewelry, healing candles, and other things you find in a metaphysical supplies store we have you covered for all your spiritual healing needs.

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Aromatherapy Healing Candles

Therapeutic Essential Oils

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Aura Photography, Aura Imaging & Aura Readings

What is Aura Photography?

Aura photography is the process of capturing your aura on camera. Our video shows the process of how aura imaging is done and what is an aura.

Crystal Meditation & Crystal Healing Room

Our crystal meditation room is full of crystals that enhance your focus and  tune your aura.

While in the room you can feel a deep sense of peace and go deeper into your meditation practice.

You can call to setup an appoint in our crystal meditation room or simply walk-in for an appointment.

Learn more about our crystal healing room.