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Crystal Meditation Room

Crystal Healing & Meditation Room in Phoenix

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Crystal Meditation Room in Phoenix, AZ

Crystal Healing Room

We are proud to offer a unique experience in our crystal healing and meditation room. When you walk into the crystal healing room, the tranquility and ambiance of the room washes over you.

Soft lighting emanating upward from the floor dances on the multi-faceted crystals all over the room, creating a mystical sensation.

The walls are lined with shelves and beautiful glass bowls containing 60 different types of crystals, but what really energizes this room is the amazing 150 pound citrine crystal placed directly beneath the table, along with two massive amethyst geodes, and the various other large crystals that generate a healing field within the room.

Just standing in the doorway, you can feel a vibrational impact of this powerful room resonating through your entire being.

Crystal Meditation Session

When you come in for a session, you have a consultation with your healing practitioner to assess your personal needs. After the consultation you are escorted into the tranquil crystal healing room.

You melt into the comfortable massage table where the meditation and healing begins.

Crystals are placed around you and on your body, depending on your particular needs. Deliberate thought and gentle care is provided by your healing practitioner as to the particular crystals chosen for you, and their placement around you.

You may also receive some gentle hand energy manipulation through stimulating pressure points to help you relax.

After a brief meditation, seven candles are lit, comforting music fills the room, and you are left alone to relax, to recharge, to become one with the Divine.

Lying on the table you feel the stress and negative energies flowing out and dispersing from your body. The time spent in the crystal healing room is lost against the amazing bliss experienced by the powerful energy transmitted in the room.

By the end of the session you are left feeling recharged and at peace.