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Aura Photography in Phoenix

What Is Aura Photography?

Aura Photography is the process of rendering an image of the electromagnetic field produced by your aura. Our Aura imaging system captures the colorful spectrum of your aura using a specialized camera.

How does Aura photography work?

Biofeedback probes pick up your spiritual energy. The camera displays this information as a colorful field around your body.

The colors actually reflect your spiritual and chakra state. Your energy field is in constant flux as you go from experience to experience.

However, the overall aura has a healthy equilibrium that will reflect in consistent colors from long term measurements.

What is an Aura Anyway?

Your aura is the electromagnetic radiance of your body, and to the scientist it is proof of the existing energy field around all living creatures. The aura is formed by your chakra system, which exists within the body of all beings.

Your chakra system is your internal energetic system that flows through your body, much like the cardiovascular system. The chakra system reflects the individual’s state of consciousness and wellbeing through the various qualities that are reflected in your aura.

By examining the aura we can determine where there may be energy deficiencies in your chakra system, which we can then work on through crystal healing or energy healing techniques.

In layman’s terms, the unique colors of your aura reflect the state of your consciousness, emotions, thoughts, abilities and your vital energy bodies (chakras).

Our Aura Imaging

Aura photography and interactive aura display (Aura Video) is based on the empirical research, which roots from ancient cultures.

Over the centuries our understanding of auras has continued to evolve and scientist have used various methods of photography to capture it, such as, Kirlian photography, Elektro stimulation, electronic acupuncture, biofeedback measurements, and so on.

Methods such as acupuncture, acupressure, and Ayurveda medicines have been applied to try and work on the chakra bodies, which the aura stems from. The technical measurements and display of the vibrations from your aura is an objective look at the state of your body, soul and mind.

We use aura imaging to help reach the root of your problem and help you see clearly by examining what your aura says about you.

How Balancing Your Aura Can Help You Heal

By learning to understanding the aura you can begin to see clearly what ailments are affecting your energetic bodies.

Each color signifies a certain vibration, which helps us determine what ailments you may be dealing with in your chakras that can be causing mental or spiritual, and sometimes physical, disease.