About Phoenix Rising Now

A Meta Physical & Spiritual Store Near You

Phoenix Rising Now is a spiritual meta physical and alternative healing store that host a plethora of unique metaphysical products and services. Located in the Melrose Center in uptown Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Rising Now has everything from crystals and candles, to aura imaging and aura readers. Our store host various naturopathic and metaphysical healing tools that assist in spiritual healing and self-healing practices.

Hosting Healers & Spiritual Guides Since 2007

Our shop has been providing healings services in the local Phoenix area since 2007. We host psychic readers, aura imaging technology, a beautiful collection of crystals, candles, jewelry, and other products that enhance self-healing for those seeking naturopathic healing methods. Inside our shop you’ll find a wide variety of crystals from raw crystals to beautifully cut crystals and minerals as well as crystal jewelry to enhance your spiritual healing, psychic healing and naturopathic healing.

Come in & Visit Us!

Whether you’re seeking guided meditation, crystal healing, a crystal meditation, aura readings, aura photography, psychic clairvoyance, or to expand your own crystal collection, and enhance your self-healing expertise, we are here to service you. Find us in the Melrose Center and feel free to explore our vast crystal collection. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us or stop in. We are happy to help!