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Aura Photography

Full Body Aura Imaging

Aura photography and interactive aura display (aura video) combines various research methods such as, Kirlian photography, Elektro stimulation, electronic acupuncture, biofeedback studies, and esoteric healing methods like acupuncture, acupressure and Ayurveda.

A photograph of someone’s aura is a visual representation of his or her mind, body and soul from an energetic view. Auras are typically only visible to trained aura readers. However, auras can also be seen by using an aura imaging system, which captures the energetic field around the subject.

Aura photography opens the door to a whole new perception of our inner world as spiritual beings. The human being is a complex system of energies, which can be mapped through aura photography.

Aura photography and aura video provides a visual representation of the state of the subject’s subconscious mind. The PROGEN aura imaging system helps us see and understand the aura and its significance to the human body.

The History of Aura Photography

In the early 70s and 80s there were some “garage” companies that started up in the area we know as Silicon Valley. One man who took advantage of this boom in technology was Guy Coggins. He was fascinated in Kirlian photography. With his technical knowledge he improved the process of recording auras.

As his involvement continued into his third decade he developed the first practical aura camera.

Guy Coggins Wrote:


Guy Coggins Headshot

“When I was starting with aura photography many years ago I had a vision of what was possible, with my technology.

I knew that the human energy field is in constant motion and was to be able to record this energy while it was happening. I also knew this would be a powerful tool for healers, therapists and people of all kinds.

I’ve gotten enormous satisfaction from the knowledge that the Coggins Aura Camera, ‘the camera to the soul’ is available and sold to the mass market worldwide.”

Coggins now offers Interactive or real-time aura imaging. Winaura, the software behind the Aura Imaging System, goes beyond photography and show the aura while it’s changing. You can read more about Aura Imaging on Guy Coggins website.